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You may be wondering “why would she choose the display name that she did?” Or you might not give a shit, I don’t know. If you are one of those that do care, I chose the display name (thegirlwhostayed), that I did because often times those who do not have a background in some shape or form with domestic violence do not understand why victims of domestic violence cannot physically leave their situation. This blog is an opportunity for me to not only cope with my past trauma, but also to share my journey of how I was able to survive and eventually leave an abusive relationship. FOREWARNING: I suffered nearly all types of abuse, and I will be sharing some incidents of abuse in detail in these blog entries; some of these entries may be found disturbing and therefore difficult to read. You also may find my frequent cursing disturbing. Just saying.

The Proposal

As my abuser and I were friends on social media prior to our first date, I was aware that he came from a religious family (I saw photos and postings on his social media page implying so). His religion was not one that I was very familiar with; all I knew was that people of…

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Working with my Abuser

When we first moved in together, I was working as a Certified Nurses Assistant (CNA) at a local hospital. I was working just part-time since I was required to be at school five days out of the week (until the last term of the program, when we were there much less). Due to my limited…

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Moving in with my abuser

I grew up in a very strict household, where understanding to obey and respect the law was the expectation. When I first met my abuser, I was just shy of turning 21. Only once did I drink before the legal drinking age, and at the time I was just being a stupid 17-year-old girl. I…

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How I met my abuser

Due to my safety, I am not going to be disclosing my identity to you (unless you already know me personally and I have invited you to follow along). I may decide to disclose who I am with time, but for now I would like to remain unidentified. My story begins just over six years…

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